The Des Plaines River was at 14.29’ as of 12:45 p.m. on May 22, 2020. The river is receding at the rate of approximately just under .5 feet per day.

Rain is not in the forecast until this weekend. Total amounts are still uncertain at this time, but some models continue to indicate an additional 1”-2” is possible between Saturday and Wednesday. Visit the National Weather Service website for additional updates.

Evacuation NOT Required
Evacuation is not expected at this time, as the river level is receding and should continue to recede over the rest of this week. However, each individual homeowner should use their best judgment for the safety of their families. The Village will continue to monitor river levels and communicate with homeowners if evacuation is recommended.

Status of Operations
Public Works crews have redeployed the pumps at Lincolnshire Drive/Wiltshire Drive and Lincolnshire Drive/Londonderry Lane. Water in these has been removed; however, the pumps will continue to operate to keep up with water draining through the rest of the system than cannot make its way into the river due to the river heights being over the storm sewer discharge pipes. The road has been swept and is open to traffic.

Roads Closures

  • Londonderry Lane is closed between 45 Londonderry Lane and Lincolnshire Drive.

  • Lincolnshire Drive is OPEN

  • Stonegate Circle is OPEN

  • Oxford Drive is OPEN.

  • Marriott Drive is OPEN.

  • Knightsbridge Parkway is OPEN.

Do not drive through flooded streets, as floodwaters may be contaminated.

Sandbags Available. Volunteers NOT Needed.
Sandbags are available free of charge at Village Hall (1 Olde Half Day Road) near the circle drive for residents who feel they need them based on past experience. No volunteers are needed to assist with sandbagging. Village staff cannot assist with placing sandbags on private property. Sandbags should be placed as close as possible to a building and placed in front of doorways and low openings.

Waste Collection
The Village is aware that many residents on Lincolnshire Drive were not serviced on the regularly scheduled pick-up day of Wednesday. Waste pickup was scheduled for today and will take place on Thursday next week (one day late due to the Memorial Day holiday).

Please feel free to contact Waste Management at 866-570-4702 with any questions.

Latest Updates
Continue to check the Village’s website for updates or click the map below for real-time flood information.

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