starting business

Thank you for choosing Lincolnshire as your business location! Lincolnshire is a business-friendly community, and we look forward to helping you locate or grow your business here.

Step 1 – Finding Your Space

The Village maintains an interactive map and list of available commercial/retail and industrial properties for sale or rent. You can also work with a commercial real estate broker on finding the space that meets your needs. Please take time to review information on Village utilities, taxes, and demographics/market analysis.

Step 2 – Verifying Codes & Obtaining Approvals

  • Review the Village's Zoning Map and Zoning Code to ensure your business use is permitted in your desired location. Obtain code requirements if you plan to open a home-based business. You can also contact planning staff to confirm the property's zoning. Staff will advise if your proposed use or site/building alterations require administrative and/or board approvals prior to occupancy and what Village applications and permits you need.

  • Contact the building staff to discuss the scope of any building alterations and to schedule a site walk-through inspection with Village and Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Protection District staff. After the inspection, you will receive a report specifying any outstanding issues before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. Please review a list of FAQs regarding the building permit process.

The Village does not license or register businesses operating in the Village. However, a Certificate of Occupancy is required for any new business or tenant, even when no building alterations are proposed, to ensure the space meets all codes and is safe for occupancy.

  • Obtain any applicable licenses or certificates from federal, state, or county agencies, prior to opening your business. Certain licenses (e.g., a Lake County food safety license) may be required before the Village issues a Certificate of Occupancy depending on the type of business.

Business Resources

The following local, state and federal agencies offer business assistance in the form of financing, education/training, counseling, advocacy and promotion:

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