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Starting a Business

1.  Find a location in the Village where you would like to locate your business. The Village maintains an interactive map and list of available commercial/retail and industrial properties in the Village for sale and rent. 

2.  Review the Village's Zoning Map and Zoning Code to ensure your business use is permitted in your desired location. Obtain code requirements if you plan to open a home-based business.

3.  Review information on Village utilities, taxes, demographics/market analysis and important local contact numbers. This is an optional step.   

4A.  Zoning Questions:  Contact the Village's Planning Staff at 847.913.2313 to confirm the property's zoning designation or if you have any questions regarding Village Code requirements for your business use. The Planning Staff will advise you if your business use requires any zoning approvals, or if any of your planned exterior building/signage construction or alterations require design review and approval, prior to obtaining a building permit and a Certificate of Occupancy.

4B. Building Permitting Questions:  Contact the Village's Building Staff at 847.913.2318 to discuss the scope of any building alterations and to schedule a site walk-thru inspection with Building/Planning and Fire District Staff. After the inspection, the Building Division and the Fire District will issue an inspection report to the tenant and the property owner specifying any outstanding issues needed to be addressed by the tenant or property owner before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued. Please click here for a list of FAQs regarding the building permit process.

5.  Complete a Certificate of Occupancy application and Liquor License application (if applicable).

6. Obtain any applicable licenses or certificates from state and federal agencies, prior to opening your business. Please note the Village does not license or register businesses operating in the Village, although a Certificate of Occupancy is required for any new business or tenant (even when no building alterations are proposed).

For additional information on how to start a business, please review the Illinois Small Business Resource Guide.

If you have any questions or require further information or assistance, please contact Tonya Zozulya, Planning & Development Manager.

Business Resources

The following local, state and federal agencies offer business assistance in the form of financing, education/training, counseling, advocacy and promotion:

If you have any questions, please contact Tonya Zozulya, Planning & Development Manager.