School Liaison Officer

Through an agreement with Stevenson High School, the Police Department provides a Police Officer to the school on a "full-time" basis. The Liaison Officer works as a resource liaison between the school, the parents, other police departments and the students themselves. Every day the Liaison Officer is asked a question or assists a student with information that may not be readily available from the school themselves. The officer also provides security for the school. The majority of the time the officer is in uniform and armed. This provides comfort to the student body, the school employees and the parents of the children attending Stevenson High School. The program was initiated in 1995 and is highly regarded by all.

In 2013, the Police Department assigned a second School Liaison Officer to work with the Half Day and Laura B. Sprague Elementary Schools and Daniel Wright Junior High. For more information on the program, please contact the Chief of Police at 847.913.2350.

Vacation Watch / Extra Watch Program

The Vacation Watch program is a courtesy service offered by the Lincolnshire Police Department and is designed to offer Lincolnshire residents peace of mind while they are away from their home. Police department personnel will provide physical, exterior checks on an unoccupied house at the resident’s request during a vacation. A request for a Vacation Watch should only be made to the police department if the vacancy will be for a period longer than three (3) days and no more than one month. In order to request a Vacation Watch, please complete the form by clicking here.

The Lincolnshire Police Department also offers residents and businesses in town the ability to request extra police patrols for special circumstances. If the home or business will be vacant for a period of fewer than 72 hours or greater than one month, the resident or business owner may notify the police department by completing an Extra Watch Request form. Examples of why an Extra Watch may be requested include, but are not limited to, the following:

• An advertised event (wedding, funeral, graduation, etc.)
• Threats made against a homeowner or business
• A Vacancy due to an overnight or weekend trip
• A Vacancy due to an extended absence (seasonal vacation, home for sale, etc.)

Please complete the Extra Watch Request form by clicking here.

Police Bicycle Patrol Program 

Police Bicycle Patrol Program

In an effort to keep the Police Department in touch with the residents and business/corporate community within the Village and to assist with patrol operations, the Police Department operates the Police Bicycle Patrol Program. Children love a cop on a bike and have no hesitations in talking with him or her, yet they are somewhat reluctant when the officer is in a police car. In fact, a Police Officer on a bike is on a much more personal and approachable level with everyone they come in contact with, whether it be a resident, an employee working in Lincolnshire or someone just passing through. There is no question that the police car itself is very intimidating.

Appealing to the concept of a "community partnership", the Police Department began accepting donations from businesses, corporations and civic organizations within the Village. When the Bicycle Officer is seen riding through the Village's residential streets or the paths and parking lots of the business and corporate areas, it will give everyone a greater feeling of safety and a sense of pride in a program they helped to establish. The bicycle allows us this additional mobility for patrolling corporate parking lots, Village parks and other areas sometimes inaccessible by a police car.

Many of you have seen our Bicycle Officers at events such as the 4th of July festivities, special community events, during Trick or Treating, and other activities when an Officer can more efficiently move about the Village and increase our community policing efforts. The Bicycle Officers have been trained and equipped to utilize the bike for patrols, bicycle safety programs, and other situations where the additional mobility of a bike is helpful.

Crime Prevention Unit

The Crime Prevention Unit of the Police Department participates in a wide range of activities aimed at minimizing crime through education. This part-time unit provides residents, students and local business representatives with information that offers them reduced victimization opportunities and accurate information on area crime trends and traffic safety issues. By offering this two prong approach, the Police Department's objectives are to broaden the prevention partnership with the community as well as to reduce community members’ fear of crime.

Successful programs that continue this prevention process include residential and business security surveys, occupant restraint initiatives that in part include the child safety seat installation and inspection programs, high school student pre-drivers and drivers education presentations, alcohol providers’ accountability training and the Lincolnshire Police Explorer Post.

Specially trained Police Department personnel that participate in providing these auxiliary services include Patrol Officers, Community Service Officers, and law enforcement Explorers. Their combined knowledge and commitment to public information and education is an integral component of the community policing philosophy of the Police Department.

Youth Peer Jury Program

A "Peer Jury" program was developed and implemented by the Police Department during 1998. The Peer Jury program is designed to be an alternative to court for first-time juvenile offenders under the age of 17 who commit violations such as minor vandalism, curfew, tobacco-related violations, and other non-serious infractions. The youths that participate in the program must first admit their guilt and then present themselves before a pre-selected jury of their peers for a hearing and sentencing. The jurors hear the officer’s testimony, the offender’s testimony, and oftentimes ask questions of the parents. The sentence may range from being required to write a paper to performing hours of community service. Restitution is usually required in vandalism cases. The objective of the program is to help the teen offender and his/her family deal with a problem situation in a constructive manner.

The program is based on the premise that young people are less likely to recommit crimes if they are dealt with in a judicial process which involves positive peer pressure. By allowing the youth to work in the community as a constructive punishment for their actions, he or she develops a more positive understanding of their role within the community. The program has proven to be very successful to this point. A case is only sent to the Peer Jury for hearing by a juvenile jury (jurors are required to be between thirteen and seventeen years old) and an adult moderator when:

  • The teen admits having committed the offense and accepts responsibility for his/her actions;
  • A Lincolnshire Police Department Juvenile Officer determines that the case meets certain stringent requirements and a disposition in the Peer Jury Program is appropriate; and
  • The teen and his/her parent or guardian consent in writing allowing the matter to be heard by the Peer Jury.