Brad Burke

Brad Burke

Village Manager

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1 Olde Half Day Road
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Phone: 847-883-8600
Fax: 847-883-8608

Administration Goals / All Village Departments

Technology Committee / Technology Strategic Plan: Advance the inter-departmental committee to review existing technology and evaluate organizational needs to assist in the creation of a Technology Strategic Plan and Capital Plan, based on GovIT Consortium Lincolnshire-specific IT initiatives. 

Improved Technology Infrastructure: Execute on key technology projects to position the Village for future growth and innovation. Projects include the implementation of Office 365; a new Voice-over-Internet Protocol phone system; enhanced server infrastructure; two-factor authentication for select services/software; and a mobile device management system. 

Update Performance Evaluation Tool: Work with all departments to review existing performance evaluation tools and update them as necessary. Ensure the performance evaluation document reflects the Lincolnshire Way set of values. Train all supervisors on performance evaluation best practices for consistent scoring across all departments. 

Position Description Review / Update: Work with all departments to review existing position descriptions and update them as necessary. Ensure position descriptions accurately reflect duties and responsibilities, as well as required skills, knowledge, and abilities. 

Policy Review: Finalize review of internal and external policies, update as necessary and make recommendations to Village Board for approval. A comprehensive policy update last occurred in 2012. 

Increase Use of Online Service Request Portal: Develop and promote regular communication to publicize BS&A Online and the ability for residents, businesses, and contractors to do business with the Village virtually. Measure increase/decrease of online submittals and related documents. 

Storm Sewer Utility Fee: Implement a new storm sewer utility fee within the utility billing system. Upon implementation of the fee, launch a community education campaign as well as determine long-term financing options available. 

South Village Green Road Maintenance: Determine future maintenance plan, funding, and responsibility in partnership with the South Village Green Homeowners Association. 

Drone Program Policy and Work Plan: Develop a policy for the appropriate use of drone footage and how footage can be captured. Identify departmental needs for drone footage and develop an annual work plan/calendar to aid with programming and resource management. Identify opportunities for cross-training across departments.

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