Administration Goals

  • Develop Village of Lincolnshire Strategic Plan: Work with residents, Village staff and elected officials on creation of Lincolnshire strategic plan. Planning process to explore community strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to build an action plan to address long-term Village needs.

  • Update Chapter 16 of the Lincolnshire Village Code Pertaining to Ethics: Complete review of Chapter 16 of Lincolnshire Village Code and update as needed; taking into consideration experience in applying procedures outlined in the code as well as feedback received from Village Prosecutor and Village Attorney.

  • Monthly Newsletter: Prepare report and recommendation for Village Board regarding transition to monthly newsletter in utility bill. Report will address how to communicate with residents/businesses that don’t currently receive utility bills.

  • Northern Illinois Benchmarking Cooperative: Work with members of the Northern Illinois Benchmarking and University of Illinois at Chicago on project to begin process of data gathering and benchmarking municipal services, starting first with Police Department.

  • Compensation Study: Select and work with consultant to complete a classification and compensation study for the Village of Lincolnshire to determine if employee pay is appropriate for current labor market, develop non-union compensation structure and conduct review of job descriptions. This study will further improve Lincolnshire’s ability to recruit and retain employees.

  • Report and Recommendation Regarding Electronic Agenda Management Solution: Solicit Village Board and staff feedback regarding electronic agenda management process. Review options and recommend possible solutions to streamline and update process as necessary.

  • Comprehensive Fee Review: Complete analysis of all fees/charges for service currently imposed by the Village and make recommendations to the Village Board as needed.

  • Document Management: Research, recommend and implement formal document management system to integrate with new enterprise software system if cost effective.