November 24, 2021, Give Back, Celebrate the Holidays at Lincolnshire Lights

November 1, 2021, New Waste Hauler, New Savings for Lincolnshire Residents

October 22, 2021, Lincolnshire Police Curbed Fall Speeders

October 15, 2021, No Treats for Impaired Motorists in Lincolnshire this Halloween

October 11, 2021, Boo Bash Brings Back Tricks and Treats to Lincolnshire

October 1, 2021, Lincolnshire Police Look to Curb Fall Speeders

September 23, 2021, Lincolnshire Police Increased September Speed Enforcement

September 14, 2021, Lincolnshire to Host Job Fair for Lake County Employers, Job Seekers

September 9, 2021. Lincolnshire Increased Labor Day DUI Enforcement

September 8, 2021, Major Traffic Pattern Changes to Begin in Lincolnshire This Week

August 19, 2021, Lincolnshire Increases Labor Day DUI Enforcement

36-Year Career Comes to a Close for Lincolnsire's Treasurer, Finance Director

July 16, 2021, Summer in the Shire Concert Series Set to Rock Lincolnshire

July 9, 2021, Retiring Sergeant, Employee of the Year to be Recognized by Village Board

July 7, 2021, Lincolnshire Increased Independence Day DUI Enforcement

June 23, 2021, Lincolnshire Police Slow Speeding to Start Summer

June 16, 2021, Lincolnshire Increases Independence Day DUI Enforcement

June 9, 2021, Lincolnshire Seeks Volunteers for "Chief's Community Council for Police Operations"

June 3, 2021, Lincolnshire Aims to Slow Summer Speeding

June 2, 2021, Lincolnshire Increased Memorial Day DUI Enforcement

May 27, 2021, Red, White, & BOOM! Returns to Lincolnshire This Independence Day

May 14, 2021, Lincolnshire Increases Memorial Day DUI Enforcement

May 10, 2021, Lincolnshire to Swear in Three Trustees to the Village Board

May 6, 2021, Lincolnshire's April Enforcement Campaigns to Stop Distracted, Speedking, and Dangerous Driving

April 1, 2021, Lincolnshire Police Department Enforcement Campaigns to Stop Distracted, Speeding, and Dangerous Driving

March 31, 2021 Wine, Dine, & Win While Supporting Lincolnshire Restaurants During April

March 9, 2021, Lincolnshire "Slow Down, Arrive Alive" February Speed Enforcement

March 5, 2021, There's No Luck in Lincolnshire for Impaired Drivers on St. Patrick's Day

February 22, 2021, Lincolnshire Increased Speed Enforcement on Routes 21, 22

February 18, 2021, Lincolnshire Increased Super Bowl DUI Enforcement

January 27, 2021, Lincolnshire Increases Super Bowl DUI Enforcement

January 7, 2021, Lincolnshire Increased Holiday DUI Enforcement