Building Divison

The Building Division is responsible for reviewing the design and construction of buildings in Lincolnshire through proper plan reviews and inspections. Building Division staff work with residents to help achieve their dreams and goals by ensuring public safety is addressed and Lincolnshire’s high standard of living is maintained. Lincolnshire follows the 2018 International Code Council Series broadly while also enforcing local amendments in Title 5 (Building) of the Lincolnshire Village Code. Call 847-913-2310 if you have questions regarding the permitting and inspection process.

 Permit Type  Requirements - 2 Copies of All Noted Below  Permit Application
  • 2 Copies of the plat
  • Proof of ownership
  • Septic tank location if applicable
  • Verification of utility disconnection
  •  Plat of Survey
  • Contractor proposal
  • Indicate on the plat location of proposed structure
    as well as any trees within 25' of the proposed patio
  • Contractor proposal - including framing, electrical, 
    plumbing, mechanical, and plumbing details
  • Note the location of smoke detectors and sprinkler heads
  • Note means of egress to the outside by means of a door
    or escape window
  • Plat of survey with proposed location of structure
  • Contractor proposal indicating size/materials to be used
  • Site plan indicating location of trees within 25' 
    of proposed deck
  •  Plat of survey
  • Contractor proposal indicating work to be done,
    materials, and if curb is to be removed/replaced
  • Note location of trees that may be affected by
    proposed work
 Site Work
  • Plat of survey indicating proposed location of fence
  • Contractor proposal indication g materials and
    dimensions of fence
  • Note location of trees within 25' of proposed fence
  • Plat of survey indication proposed location of gazebo
  • Contractor proposal indicating dimensions, materials,
    and handrail/guardrail details 
Interior Alterations
  • Contractor proposal indicating framing detail, electrical
    plumbing, and HVAC plus scope of work
  • Note location of sprinkler heads and smoke detectors
  • Copies of electrical and plumbers license and registration
Room Addition
  • Plat of survey indicating dimensions, setbacks, property
    lines, building setbacks, and conservancy
  • Floor plan of existing adjoining rooms and proposed
    addition from contractor
  • Grading, HVAC, and tree protection plans
  • Electrical, plumbing, and roofers required licenses
    need to be submitted
(Six copies of all 
  • Civil Engineering plans/plat with proposed structure
  • Grading plan with proposed and existing grades
  • Tree protection plan/building, water, sewer, and
    storm piping
  • Architectural plans
  • Water meter sizing worksheet
  • Copies of required licenses for electrician, 
    plumber, and roofer
  • Manufacturers catalog cut sheets
Spa and Hot Tub
  • Plat of survey/site plan indicating location of
    proposed structure
  • Contractor proposal indicating materials, dimensions,
    elevations, and grade changes
  • If applicable, tree protection plan of any trees or
    vegetation within 25' of proposed structure
 Storage Structure
  • Plat of survey/site plan indicating location of 
    proposed structure
  • Contractor proposal indicating materials, dimensions,
    and grade changes
  • If applicable, tree protection plan for any tree or
    vegetation within 25' of proposed structure 
Lawn Sprinkler
  • Plat of survey/site plan indicating location of
    sprinkler heads
  • Manufacturers info/RPZ backflow maintenance
  • ROW and easement waivers if applicable
  • Copy of plumbers license
  • Plumbing fixture sheet
  • Contractor proposal
  • Copy of state roofing license
  • Flame-resistant certificates (4 sets of plans)
  • Site location plan with event details/seating
    layout if applicable electrical equipment (4 sets of plans)
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Dumpster   Dumpster
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