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Building Permit Application

A Building Permit is required for just about every project you complete with tools, except decorating (e.g. painting, trim work, carpet, etc.). You are strongly encouraged to contact the Community and Economic Development Department at 847-883-8600 to verify under what circumstances a Building permit is necessary.

Building Permits authorize the enforcement of those building codes which have been adopted as law by a state, township, or local municipality. While some may say that Building Permits are “a waste of time” and just an income generator for a community, this is simply not true. The purpose behind Building Permits is to ensure that safe and quality workmanship is performed within the Village. It is not uncommon for our inspectors to be told, “It’s my house”, “Why do I need a permit?" and “All I’m doing is some minor electrical work”, however, in order to protect all current and future homeowners in the Village from unsafe or low quality work, it is important that the permit inspection process is followed. As is illustrated below, the Village staff often has to look at these situations in a slightly different light than the homeowner:

Comment #1: “It’s my house” - Although the homeowner owns their house currently, this home will be in Lincolnshire for as long as it exists, whereas, the average person will only live in a house for approximately ten years. Future homeowners must be protected just as current homeowners have been.

Comment #2: “Why do I need a permit” - By acquiring a Building Permit, you assure yourself, your guests, and future owners that while you occupied the house, the work performed underwent two important steps:

  1. A trained professional reviewed your plans to verify they met current building code requirements.
  2. The work was inspected to assure that the contractor performed the work as it was shown on the approved drawings.

Comment #3: “All I’m doing is some minor electrical work” - This can be a very dangerous statement. While a caring, responsible homeowner may decide to perform some minor electrical work in their kitchen, and believe they have completed that work correctly, the consequences of imperfection could be life-threatening if, for example, electrical grounding is not properly completed.

The Building Permit Process

This process is not as daunting as it may sound. By submitting all of the required information to the Building Division prior to starting, many of the problems experienced on a project can be averted.

Many Village departments review the documentation submitted for a Building Permit. For example, the Planning Division ensures that all zoning requirements and architectural elements (commercial and multi-family residential only) are met. The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department ensures no portion of the Village’s infrastructure is negatively impacted by the project. The Forestry Division ensures that the Village’s trees are protected from damage by construction, and provides a review and recommendations regarding the protection of nearby foliage. Finally, the Building Division reviews building, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and life safety issues. Following is a list of the steps involved in the building permit process:

Step #1 - Visit or call your local Code Official
Unfortunately, many people neglect the first, and most important, of the five steps in the process. This initial contact will provide you with resources and information you will need to make your project a success and avoid problems which may result in the potential loss of time and/or money.

Step #2 - Submit all pertinent information
The permit application requires specific information regarding your project, including: Who will perform the work, where will the work be performed, what work will be done, and when and how will the work be undertaken. Sketches, plans, and other documentation is required to be submitted for review.

Step #3 - Internal Village review process
Most permit applications are processed with little delay. The Village of Lincolnshire’s review policy is for all review comments to be generated within 10 business days for the initial review, and five business days for each subsequent review (as needed).

Step #4 - Results of the review process
Should the permit application and required documentation comply with all codes, ordinances, and regulations, the Building Division will normally issue the Building Permit within two-to-three business days after the final review is completed. However, if compliance is not achieved on the first submittal, the application for permit will be denied, and you will be notified of the required revisions in order to gain approval. A resubmittal can then be made and a subsequent review will take place. This process will continue until all code, ordinance, and regulation deficiencies have been addressed.

Step #5 - Building Permit issuance
The Building Permit is a legal document granting you permission to begin your construction project. The Community and Economic Development Department will notify you that the permit is ready, and of any fee requirements. These fees will be attached to the permit and categorized for your convenience. Along with the permit, you will receive an Inspection Checklist which informs you of any inspections required on your project. Upon receiving your “Approved Construction Documents” be aware that the construction you complete must be reflective of that shown on the Approved Drawings. Any revisions must be brought to the Building Division’s attention to ensure that the changes do not jeopardize the compliance of your documents.

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