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It is the policy of the Village that any petitioner seeking approval on a project or matter of business shall be required to reimburse the Village for all actual expenses incurred. The Cash Advance Account System is designed to provide immediate funds for payment of actual expenses incurred by the Village as a result of processing petitions or requests made by a developer, business, or individual.

Expenses typically incurred by the Village include, but are not limited to: legal, engineering, planning, forestry service, and recording fees. A separate cash advance account is established for each petitioner and is debited upon presentation of fees associated with the review process.

Amount of Initial Deposit

Each Cash Advance Account is established based on the estimated costs for services to be rendered. The actual amount of the initial deposit requested is based on estimates provided by a professional service consultant or past experience with similar project requests. The typical amount of the initial deposit ranges from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the number and complexity of the requests made by the petitioner.

Additional Deposits

If the actual costs for the services exceed the amount of the initial deposit, the petitioner will be required to replenish the Cash Advance Account upon request of the Village. In the event that a Cash Advance Account is not immediately replenished, review by the administrative staff, consultants, boards and commissions may be suspended until an additional deposit is made.

Account Status

An accounting of all credits and debits charged to the Cash Advance Account will be provided upon request of the originator of the account. The account is updated on a regular basis depending on the progress of the request/proposal.


A written request must be submitted by the 15th day of a month in order for the check to be processed and distributed by the 15th of the following month. The remaining dollar balance will be forwarded to the originator of the account at the address provided when the account was established. If additional funds remain in the Cash Advance Account at the completion of the project, the Village will refund the balance in the account. 

Types of Requests

The types of requests that typically require the establishment of a Cash Advance Account are summarized below. The Village may also require that a Cash Advance Account be established for other business matter which arise that are not listed, but will result in costs for services.

Community Development
Architectural Review Board
Special Use
Text Amendment
Planned Unit Development

Public Works
Construction Management
On-site Inspections
Engineering Improvements Plan Review
Water and Sewer Agreements
Letter of Credit Administration
(Public Improvements)

Additional Information

Additional information regarding a specific Cash Advance Account for a project will be provided by the Department primarily responsible for processing the petitioner’s request.

Department of Community Development
Petitions and matters pertaining to building, planning, and zoning.

Department of Public Works
Petitions and matters pertaining to public utilities and systems, engineering improvements, grading and drainage, forestry, environmental concerns, and the public right-of-way.

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