Finance Department

Finance Department Goals

Grant Rating: Research and recommend solutions to improve Lincolnshire’s grant rating score to improve grant award potential. 

Vehicle & Equipment Inventory: Conduct a physical inventory of vehicles and equipment to confirm the accuracy of the existing database. 

457 Plan Fees: Review plan design and fees; as well as, a joint municipal program to further reduce fees. 

Debt Restructure/ Refinance: Refinance SSA Sedgebrook bonds if savings justify issuance. Continue to explore long term financing opportunities and bring forward a recommendation
to the Village Board for consideration. 

Fraud Awareness Training: Prepare Fraud Awareness Training program and present it to staff. Management and purchasing staff should understand the importance in preventing and detecting fraudulent disbursements. Enhance Lincolnshire’s opportunity to receive grant funds with Fraud Awareness Training compliance. 

Local Government Debt Recovery (LGDR): Complete LGDR application process and deploy LGDR program for Lincolnshire’s police tickets. 

Time and Attendance (aka Scheduling Software): Review possible alternative software to improve schedule reporting. The solution must interface with the existing Paylocity payroll system.

Michael Peterson

Matt Rossi

Finance Director

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