Michael Peterson

Matt Rossi

Finance Director

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1 Olde Half Day Road
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

Phone: 847-883-8600
Fax: 847-883-8608

Finance Department Goals

Popular Annual Financial Report: Create the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) upon completion and publication of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to provide an easy-to-read report for staff and the public. 

Bank Account Consolidation: Consolidate bank accounts currently split out by fund in the Village’s Financial Institutions. Update all internal processes and journal entries to reflect these changes accurately. 

Storm Sewer Utility Fee: Implement the Storm Sewer Utility Fee to all utility billing customers. This will also consist of a final data validation in GIS and confirmation all accounts are being billed accurately. 

Debt Restructure / Refinance: Continue consideration of the opportunity to refinance SSA Sedgebrook bonds if savings justify issuance. Continue to explore long-term financing opportunities and bring forward a recommendation to the Village Board for consideration. 

Water Fund Balance Calculation: Update the manner in which the water fund balance is calculated to more accurately reflect the unrestricted net position and exclude any outside, uncontrollable factors. 

Lease Analysis/Policy: Inventory all Village leases in preparation for GASB 87.

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