Police Department

General Information

The Lincolnshire Police Department issues various types of citations based upon violations of the Lincolnshire Code or State Statue. Citations issued for parking violations or administrative adjudication hearings may be paid online, in-person, or through the U.S. Mail.

Any citation issued to the 19th Judicial Circuit of Lake County, either the Mundelein Branch Courthouse or Waukegan Courthouse, may only be satisfied by following Lake County court procedures.


Administrative Adjudication Process

Payment Information
Citations must be paid or contested prior to the scheduled hearing date (you cannot do both). You may pay your violation online through our secure online payment portal, in-person at the Records Department, or through the U.S. Mail.

Online Secure Payment Information
If you would like to pay your citation online, please click on “Secure Online Payment” below.

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In-Person or U.S. Mail Payments

Citations may also be paid in-person at the Records Department or with either a check or money order through the mail. If mailing a payment, please be sure to include a copy of your citation. Pay in-person or mail payment to:

Lincolnshire Police Department
Attn: Records Department
1 Olde Half Day Road
Lincolnshire, IL 60069


Contesting a Citation

Per Village Code, Title 1, Chapter 15 (the Comprehensive Fee Schedule), the Hearing Officer may assess hearing costs upon finding a respondent liable for a violation of any provision of Village Code.

Generally, there are five grounds to contest a parking or administrative adjudication citation:

  • The illegal condition described in the violation did not exist at the time the citation was issued.

  • The facts alleged in the violation are inconsistent or do not support a finding that the specified code was violated.

  • The relevant signs prohibit or restricting parking were missing or obscured.

  • The cited vehicle or its registration plates were stolen at the time the violation occurred.

  • The person issued the violation was not the owner or lessee of the cited vehicle at the time of the violation.

Contesting a Citation by Mail

Lincolnshire Code, Title 1, Chapter 18, Section 9, permits for a person that has been issued a citation for vehicular standing, parking, or compliance regulation violation to contest the validity of the alleged violation without personally appearing at an administrative hearing.

To contest a violation by mail:

  • Complete the “Contest by Mail Citation Review” Form found HERE

  • Sign the form acknowledging his or her personal appearance is waived. 

  • Submit to adjudication based upon the signed statement and other supporting materials. 

  • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

All materials must be received three days or more prior to the date of the administrative hearing. Please send all information to:

Lincolnshire Police Department
Attn: Hearing Officer
1 Olde Half Day Road
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

The Administrative Hearing Officer will review the material submitted and make a determination on liability or non-liability. Upon a determination of liability, the Administrative Hearing Officer will assess fines in accordance with the Village Code. Notice of liability or non-liability will be served on the contesting party via first-class mail in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided.

Contest a Citation before an Adjudication Hearing Officer

Citations may be contested by appearing in person before the Adjudication Hearing Officer on the date and time indicted on the citation. Please bring any supporting material or evidence needed to contest the violation.


Parking Citation Reviews

The Lincolnshire Police Department has a citation review process in place for parking citation reviews for only two reasons:

  • Failing to properly display a valid placard or permit. 

  • A parking citation that was mistakenly issued by an officer

If you qualify for one of the two above reasons for parking citation review, please complete the Request to Review Citation Form and submit the form to the Lincolnshire Police Records Division with copies of supporting documentation.

The Request to Review Citation Form can be found HERE.

Please note, this process is not applicable for traffic or other code violations.


Lake County Circuit Court Information

Citations issued for violations with a court location as the Mundelein Branch Court or Waukegan Court House must be satisfied in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court. Information about the court can be found HERE or by phone at 847-377-3600.

Traffic Court (Mundelein Branch Court) is located at:
105 E. State Route 83
Mundelein, IL 60060

Waukegan Court is located at:
18 N. County Street
Waukegan, IL 60085

Any other citation-related requests for information should be directed to the Records Department, 847-913-2350.