Snow & Ice Control

041 december 7The Village is responsible for over 40 miles of roadway. Cleaning the roadways of snow and ice can take up to six hours once the snow has stopped falling. Parking on the roadways after an accumulation of one inch or more is prohibited by Village Code. Village Code also prohibits privately contracted services from depositing snow into the streets. Snow plows will leave some snow at the end of the driveways, and it is the resident’s responsibility to clear this snow. For more information, contact the Village of Lincolnshire Public Works at 847/913-2380. To view the Village Snow Plow routes please click here.

Mailbox Damage

The Public Works Department makes every effort to avoid damage to any property. If it is found that a residential mailbox is damaged by Public Works, the Public Works Department is to repair any damage in a timely manner. The Public Works Department stocks a 4 X 4 solid cedar mailbox post with a standard metal black mailbox. If a mailbox is damaged by Public Works for any reason, we will contact the homeowner and inform them of our policy and give them a choice of our cedar post/standard box replacement OR a reimbursement of the cost of up to $100.00. The resident will need to furnish receipts to the Village prior to the reimbursement. Public Works will only perform installation of the stock cedar post/ mailbox. No repairs will be made to damage to any unusual mailboxes not allowed or grandfathered in per Village Code Section 8-3-11.

For damages caused by snow removal operations during normal business hours, please contact Administrative Assistant, Emily Land at 847.913.2380.

Village Anti-Icing Procedures

While de-icing of roads has traditionally been performed using rock salt, the Village utilizes an anti-icing liquid which is more effective, provides a longer response time and has cut down on rock salt usage by 30%. The organic compounds the Village uses in its liquids help to reduce the environmental issues connected with salts and have longer residual effects when spread on roadways. When wintry weather is predicted, the Public Works Department will initiate anti-icing operations 12-24 hours prior to the predicted start of an event during normal business hours. This operation consists of applying a combination of salt brine, a liquid agricultural product, and liquid calcium chloride to the pavement throughout the highest traffic areas in the Village.

Ways to Protect Your Home

Clearance of Fire Hydrants
There are 800 fire hydrants in the Village. It is difficult for Public Works personnel to locate and shovel out each of these fire hydrants when snow accumulates. Please help clear the snow around the fire hydrants in your areas. This will help the Fire Department to be able to locate them quickly if needed in the event of an emergency.

Protect Water Lines from FreezingFrozen Pipes

  • Keep home temperatures no lower than 55F.
  • In extreme cold, allow cold water to drip through faucets.
  • Open Cabinets and closets containing water lines to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing.
  • Consider installing pipe insulation.
  • Periodically check pipe insulation.