Public Works Department

The Village has demonstrated a commitment to protecting its woodland resources by developing and implementing an effective Tree Preservation Code. This proactive, yet sometimes unpopular approach is a vital component to preserving the integrity of the woodland resources which define our Community.

To maintain a healthy and safe forest, the Village has implemented the following programs:

Pruning Program

The Village's computer tree inventory program sections the Village into management zones and is capable of listing individual parkway trees within each zone by species, condition, size, and location. The current pruning program includes rotating the management zones on a cyclic schedule so that all trees within the right-of-way (zone specific) are pruned every 5-7 years.

Reforestation Program

Lincolnshire’s, recently updated, Street and Park Tree inventory has identified more than 300 open spaces along village rights-of-way where a tree could be planted. In an effort to achieve and maintain “full stocking” of Lincolnshire’s urban forest, the Village has adopted and ambitious tree planting philosophy which will lead to systematic planting of street trees in all available planting sites, and the replacement of all street trees that are removed. Each Spring and Fall planting season, the Village will select different streets to be reforested until all planting spots are filled.

Tree Health Promotion Program

Each year, the Village identifies public street and park trees that may benefit from plant health care applications such as fertilizing, introduction beneficial bacteria and micro-nutrients, growth inhibitors, and pesticides. The trees that receive treatments are then closely monitored to evaluate success, and gauge the application’s usefulness in treating other ailing trees.

Dead and Hazardous Tree Removal Program

This program provides for the prompt removal of trees which are deemed by the Village to be hazardous to the public. Trees may be located in such public areas as Village rights-of-way, parks and Village-owned outlots.

Emergency Tree Removal Program

In the event of a weather-related emergency, a Village contractor will provide prompt clean-up services for damaged trees in public areas such as Village rights-of-way and parks


The Village currently owns and maintains over 150 acres of park lands, Illinois Nature Preserves, open space and recreational area along with more than 30 subdivision entranceway and park gardens.








The Village currently owns and maintains nine (9) parks which are Balzer Park, Bicentennial Park, Florsheim Nature Preserve, Memorial Park, North Park, Old Mill Park, Rivershire Park, Spring Lake Park and Whytegate Park. The Village also provides a unique Pedestrian/Bike path System. The goal of this system is to link all subdivisions in the community to the major facilities, such as the parks, downtown, Des Plaines River Trail and schools.

The Village is a member of the Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County which provides recreational opportunities for residents who have disabilities. A competitive sports program (basketball, softball, baseball and soccer) is provided to children in the Village through Lincolnshire Sports Association, a volunteer community organization. The Village acquired and constructed North Park as a sports facility to assist Lincolnshire Sports Association in providing competitive sports for the children participating in baseball, softball and soccer.