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Water and sanitary sewer services are two of the least visible of the Village services, yet they are vitally important in terms of quality of life. The Village purchases Lake Michigan water from the City of Highland Park. The connection was initiated in 1982 and has proven to be a sound decision and investment in the future of the Village. Sanitary sewer treatment is provided by the Lake County Department of Public Works. While this service is not free, it has enabled the Village to abandon and remove its own undersized and flood prone sewage treatment plant; saving maintenance and expansion costs as well as avoiding increasingly expensive and difficult Federal regulations.

Public Works Water and Sewer

This division is currently responsible for all of the water mains, sanitary sewers, and pumping stations owned by the Village. In order to serve the community, there are currently eight sanitary sewage pump stations and two water reservoirs included in the system. These pumps must be checked on a daily basis to insure proper operation.

The Village has updated all water meters to an automated meter reading system. This allows department staff the ability to read the water meters without entering the building. The inside meter register attached to the water meter is the official water meter reading.

Residents are reminded that the Village has the right of access to the inside water meter.

The proper drainage of sanitary sewage and storm water is vitally important. The system installed in your area is designed according to the most up-to-date standards and will do its job properly without any special effort on your part.

The circular metal lids usually located in the middle (sometimes to the side) of the roadway are for access to manholes. They must only be removed by authorized Village personnel. Unauthorized entry into manholes is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

The rectangular gratings along the gutters (edge of road) are the tops of catchbasins. These serve to drain storm water in times of rain or from melting snow. It is dangerous and strictly prohibited to allow any substance or liquid other than clean water to enter catchbasins. Water from washing cars is permissible, but liquids other than water may cause severe pollution to watercourses.

The downspouts, foundation drains, and sump pumps leading water from your house may be connected to the storm sewer, and are intended for clean water only. Residents are reminded it is ILLEGAL to discharge sump pumps into the street from November 1 to April 1. These discharges freeze in the curb line causing dangerous icing conditions for pedestrians and motorists.

In your house, plumbing fixtures such as wash sinks, toilets and basement floor drains are connected to the sanitary sewer. Contents of the sanitary sewer are sent to a Lake County Sewage Treatment Plant where it is treated before being discharged to the river.

Residents are reminded that it is also ILLEGAL to discharge sump pumps with storm water into the sanitary sewer system. These illegal connections overtax the sanitary system leading to basement flooding and increase pumping and treatment costs which are passed on to all users.

You can assist in the trouble free function of sanitary sewers by ensuring that foreign objects such as diapers or children's toys do not enter the system. Also, disposing of quantities of cooking fats into your drains can result in serious blockages.

If you experience trouble with your connection to the sanitary sewer, you should have the problem investigated by a private plumbing contractor. However, if you suspect the problem involves the part beyond the street line that belongs to the Village, call the Public Works Department at 847.883.8600.

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