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Brad Woodbury

Public Works Director

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1 Olde Half Day Road
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Phone: 847-883-8600
Fax: 847-883-8608

Q: What flood zone is my property in?
A: The Public Works Department has reference copies of the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps available at the Village Hall. Please call or stop in. If you provide the street address, Public Works can tell you the flood zone for your property. For your convenience, you can also view a map of Lincolnshire's floodplain online.

Residents can also use the Village of Lincolnshire’s Community Portal to get a map of their property and the FEMA flood areas. Click HERE and input your address and then go to the MAP GALLERY link to access the FEMA Flood Hazard Area map which then brings up your address and notes the hazard level for your property.

Q: Who owns the parkway and who is responsible for maintaining it?
A: The parkway is the area between your property line and the street. Underground utilities are generally located in this area. While this is public property, the Village depends on adjacent homeowners to do simple maintenance such as cutting the grass and removing litter. The Village or utility company may occasionally need to dig up a portion of the parkway to perform maintenance or repair. It is the responsibility of the agency digging to restore the parkway to its previous condition or better. A permit is required before any work in the parkway can be done. If you plant a tree or plan to dig in the parkway for any reason, please contact the Village Public Works Department at 847-883-8600 and we will advise you on areas safe to dig as well as any planting restrictions. New legislation requires a call to J.U.L.I.E. at 800-892-0123. This agency covers all buried utilities. You must call!

Q: Who should I call if the snowplow damages my property?
A: If you notice damage to your property after a snow storm that appears to have been caused by the Village's snow removal equipment, please notify the Public Works Department at 847-913-2380. Public Works will inspect the damage to assure it was caused by the Village and will contact you to make arrangements for any necessary repairs.

Q: Who can I talk to about mosquito control?
A: The Village’s mosquito control contractor has a toll-free hotline (800-942-2555). Calls are tracked by their computer and the information provided by residents is used to determine problem areas. Please feel free to call Clarke with any questions you have about mosquito control.

Q: When do I need a driveway permit?
A: A driveway permit is required when you are doing an asphalt overlay of your drive, or removal and replacement with either asphalt, concrete, or brick pavers. A permit is not required for seal-coating. Complete a Site Work Permit form and submit it to the Village for review. The Village requires a copy of your proposal describing the work to be done. If you are changing the shape of the drive, a Plat of Survey is required to show both the existing drive and the proposed drive.

Q: What are Village Park hours?
A: Lincolnshire's parks are open from sunrise to 10 p.m. year-round. Special activities may require passes or permits and may be subject to more restrictive hours.

Q: Why does the Village Conduct Prescribed or Controlled burns?
A: From time to time, the Village burns portions of natural areas. Prescribed burns are standard maintenance of native natural areas. The burning helps to reduce the numbers of non-native invasive plants and thereby improve the numbers and diversity of native plants and wildlife. If you have a pulmonary condition (asthma, bronchitis, etc.) please contact the Village and you will be placed on a list to be contacted if a burn will take place in your area.

Q: Does the Village have a room available to rent for Birthday Parties?
A: The Village Hall meeting rooms are available free of charge for use by Village clubs and groups, homeowners associations, and members of the Lincolnshire Council of Presidents. They are not available to individuals or for-profit groups. Contact the Public Works Department for fees and availability.

Q: Does the Village have a Park District?
A: The Village does not have a park district or taxes that usually accompany a park district.

Q: Is it possible to purchase trees or other park features as memorials or tributes?
A: Yes, park benches, trees, bricks, or other special park features can all be purchased in recognition of someone or as a memorial. See the Donation Policy or call the Village for more information.

Q: Can I walk my pet in the Village parks?
A: No, pets are not allowed in any of the Village parks. However, pets are allowed on the bike and pedestrian paths. A number of dog parks are provided through the Lake County Forest Preserves. Call the Forest Preserves for locations and information.

Q: Can the street be closed off for a Block Party or fundraising Run/Walk?
A: Permits are issued for block parties and street use. As a courtesy, residents planning a block party are asked to obtain a signature from each resident who will have access to their property blocked off, acknowledging they are aware of the event. Also, the Police and Fire District request a lane be left available in case emergency vehicles need to get through. Three Street Use permits are allowed per year; spring, summer, and fall. Please contact the Public Works Administration office for regulations regarding Street Use Permits. Application forms are available on the Applications, Permits, and Policies page.

Q: Is fluoride added to the potable water supply?
A: Fluoride is naturally occurring in Lake Michigan water (0.12 ppm), at a very low level. The City of Highland Park adds fluoride to bring it to a level of 1.0 ppm. The Environmental Protection Agency requires water supplies to maintain fluoride at a level of 0.9 to 1.2.

Q: What is the hardness of Lake Michigan water supplied by the Village?
A: Although the mineral content slightly varies throughout the year the average measurement is 8 grains per gallon.

Q: What are the outdoor water use restrictions?
A: As has been the practice in the Village for many years, outside water usage is restricted between May 15 through September 15. Water restrictions are used by communities as one conservation measure intended to reduce the consumption of water. In Lincolnshire, residents may not use potable water outside of buildings, including water used for the sprinkling of lawns and gardens or washing cars, in accordance with an odd/even schedule. If your address ends in an even number, then you may use outside water on calendar days that are even. Similarly, if your address ends in an odd number, you may use outside water on calendar days that are odd.

Q: How should I dispose of household hazardous waste?
A: Lincolnshire is in partnership with the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) to provide community residents with various programs. Click here for program information.

Q: Who controls the traffic signals on Route 22 and Riverwoods Road?
A: Route 22 and Route 21/45 (Milwaukee Avenue) are maintained and controlled by IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation - 847-705-4000). Riverwoods Road and Aptakisic Road are maintained by Lake County Division of Transportation (847-362-3950). Information about road conditions, maintenance, or claims of property damage from the roadway condition, should be directed to the appropriate agency.

Q: Who do I contact for waste hauling services?
A: The Village has an agreement with LRS which outlines fees and levels of service for individual residential services. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to contact LRS to set up a service account. Each year, a spring clean-up special pick-up is offered for regular customers.

Q. Who do I report a pothole in the road?
A. If the pothole is on Riverwoods Road or Aptakisic Road, contact the Lake County Division of Transportation by calling 847-377-7400 or the Report a Concern section of the Lake County Website.

If the pothole is on IL 22 (Half Day Road), US 45/IL 21 (Milwaukee Avenue), or Olde Half Day Road east of Milwaukee Avenue (between the Village Hall and Walgreens), contact the Illinois Department of Transportation by calling 800-452-4368.

If the pothole is on a Village street, contact the Public Works Department at 847-913-2380 or at . Please provide the approximate address or nearest intersection, along with the street name, to aid us in finding the pothole.

Q. Does the Village have a Leaf Collection program?
A: The Village Hall contracts with LRS for its annual Leaf Collection Program. The program generally begins the third week of October and runs through November. Residents are advised to have their leaves placed at the parkway by 7 a.m. on the Monday of your specified pick-up week to guarantee collection during that week. Please do not put leaves in the street. Depositing leaves into the street is a violation of section 8-3-8 of the Village Code and can result in a fine. Please contact LRS at 844-633-3577 with any questions regarding leaf pick-up.

Q. What are the dark lines on the street that often appear before a snowstorm?Liquid Truck
A: The dark lines are anti-icing liquid that gets applied to roadways to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the pavement. The liquid is a mixture of salt brine, chlorides, and sugars (which help the anti-icing materials stick to the pavement) that can be applied up to 7 days in advance of a weather event. If you or your pets walk on roadways still wet with this treatment, it's good practice to wash the material off of shoes/feet afterward.

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