Public Works Department

Public Work Department Goals

Rivershire Park Security Improvements: Obtain recommendations from Public Works leadership to identify and implement landscaping and forestry to improve both the storage and security within the maintenance yard. Properly delineate the walking trails and natural areas from the storage and material yard. Obtain proposals for 45 Londonderry Security Gate and recommend a contractor to install and replace the gate. 

Cul-De-Sac Maintenance Plan: Create a plan/manual which details the design specifications and maintenance standards for all Village cul-de-sacs. If necessary, include provisions in the landscape maintenance contract to ensure cul-de-sacs are maintained to standards. Additionally, inventory all cul-de-sacs throughout the Village and identify which cul-de-sacs are in need of being brought up to standards. Once cul-de-sacs are identified, implement Phase I in 2021. 

Village Sign Replacement Initiatives: Present options on the Village parks signs identified in the village sign concepts RFP (Request for Proposals) and present to the Park Board and Architecture Review Board. Make final recommendations to the Village Board on updates to the park signs. Implement Phase One of Sign Replacements consisting of Parks Entryway signs. 

North Park Athletic Area Improvements: Present multiple options regarding the identification of a new amenity to replace the former North Park Tennis Court area. Obtain a recommendation from the Park Board and approval from the Village Board. Include the final option into the 2022 portion of the Village’s current 10-Year Capital Plan. 

Update Village Parks Code/Tennis Court Issue: Review Title 8A-Section 1 of the village code. Perform a review of the challenges/issue involving the tennis court usage and reservation and present to the Park Board potential solutions to rectify those challenges. Once solutions are identified, revise the Parks Code as necessary to reflect the recommended changes. 

Drainage Master Plan Improvements: Implement the Village’s Storm Water Master Plan which will allow the Village to proactively plan and prepare for current and future extreme rainfall events. This includes the potential use of a storm water utility fee for improvement projects.

Long Range Pedestrian Improvement Plan: Continue work on the Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan consisting of the following: investigate needs, identify capital improvements and incorporate them into the plan, incorporate way-finding signage, lighting, seating, and landscaping elements to encourage pedestrian flow along Milwaukee Avenue and leading to Commercial-Downtown area and incorporate into the Villages comprehensive plan update being led by Community and Economic Development. 

Develop Program to Update Playground Surfaces to Improve Safety and Accessibility: Evaluate all Village playgrounds to determine the recommended area for new handicap accessible safety surface installation. Develop a program to update all playgrounds and incorporate recommendations into the 2021 update to the Lincolnshire 10-Year Capital Plan.

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Brad Woodbury

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