Public Works Department

Public Work Department Goals

  • Increase Public Works Social Media Presence: In accordance with communication policy, create and/or post a minimum of five (5) videos related to Public Works Operations. Increase the amount of Public Works related items on Facebook, Twitter, and Village website. Create “Employee Spotlights” to be published in Manager’s Notes, Facebook, and Twitter. Investigate potential other social media outlets with Administrative Assistant. 

  • Cul-De-Sac Maintenance Plan/Standards: Create a plan/manual which details the design specifications and maintenance standards for all Village Cul-De-Sacs. If necessary, include provisions in the landscape maintenance contract to ensure Cul-De-Sacs are maintained to standards. Additionally, inventory all Cul-De-Sacs throughout the Village and identify which Cul-De-Sacs are in need of being brought up to standards. Once Cul-De-Sacs are identified, recommend a Capital Project for inclusion into the 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). 

  • Village Sign Replacement Initiatives: Take results from identified branding logo initiative and the village sign concepts RFP (Request for Proposals) and make recommendations to the Village Board on updates to all streets signs, street posts, parks signs, light posts, entryway signs, and other signage identified in the RFP (Request for Proposal). Include recommendations for all signage within the 10-Year Capital Improvement Program. 

  • Complete Drainage Master Plan: Complete the Village’s Stormwater Master Plan which will allow the Village to proactively plan and prepare for current and future extreme rainfall events. The goals and outcomes of Master Plan should incorporate feedback from residents and business owners, assess the Village’s existing storm sewer capacity, identify deficiencies, create and prioritize projects for improvements, and potentially identify and evaluate funding sources for these future capital improvements. 

  • Long Range Pedestrian Improvement Plan: Update and/or create a Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan consisting of the following: Investigate needs, identify capital improvements and incorporate into plan, incorporate way-finding signage, lighting, seating, and landscaping elements to encourage pedestrian flow along Milwaukee Avenue and leading to Commercial Downtown area. 

  • Complete Work with Park Board on Possible Update to Recreation, Parks, Paths and Open Space Master Plan: Investigate needs, identify capital improvements and incorporate into plan. Incorporate way-finding signage, lighting, seating, and landscaping elements to encourage pedestrian flow along Milwaukee Avenue and into Commercial Downtown area.

Brad Woodbury

Brad Woodbury

Public Works Director

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