Public Works Department

Public Work Department Goals

Drainage Master Plan Improvements: Implement the Village’s Storm Water Master Plan which will allow the Village to proactively plan and prepare for current and future extreme rainfall events. This includes the potential use of a Storm Sewer Utility Fee for improvement projects. 

Public Works Succession Planning: There are staff members in each department that are close to retirement age. Staff will work on succession plans for each department by working with the individuals currently in those roles on how their positions have evolved since they were hired. A review of all department staffing levels and roles will also be undertaken to help ensure they align with the succession plan. 

45 Londonderry Improvements (Rivershire Park): Implement improvements to make the public works storage and operations areas at 45 Londonderry more functional, secure, and less of a visual attraction to the public by adding landscaping, re-paving areas, and better-delineating storage areas. 

Line Locating Improvements (using GPS coordinates to update GIS): Purchase a new Radio Detection locator to perform utility locate requests from J.U.L.I.E. This new locator provides the Village an opportunity to perform our mandatory utility locating while simultaneously collecting GPS coordinates to help improve the accuracy of our GIS system. By making the GIS system more accurate, Public Works can improve Design Phase Engineering, Utility Locating, Emergency Response efforts, and other Capital Improvement Projects. 

Long Range Pedestrian Improvement Plan: Continue updating the long-range pedestrian plan to incorporate the following: investigate needs; identify capital improvements and incorporate them into the plan; incorporate way-finding signage, lighting, seating, and landscaping elements to encourage pedestrian flow along Milwaukee Avenue and leading to Commercial-Downtown area; and incorporate into the Village’s Comprehensive Plan update being led by Community and Economic Development, including the review of potential transitions from office space to industrial space in certain areas of the corporate center. 

Update Pavement Preservation Plan: Secure a consultant to evaluate the Village’s pavement condition. This information will be used to update the Village’s Capital Improvement Plan and ensure that the Village’s goal of resurfacing two miles of roadway each year still meets the Village’s needs. The goal was last completed in 2017. 

Develop Program to Update Playground Surfaces to Improve Safety and Accessibility: Implement year one of the poured-in-place safety surface program. As outlined in the Village of Lincolnshire Parks and Paths master plan, the staff is planning to replace one Village park playing surface annually by removing the wood chip surface and converting it to a poured-in-place playground surface. This project will provide improved drainage and ADA accessibility for children and adults allowing greater access to the playing structures. Staff recommends installing a poured-in-place playground surface at Balzer Park with a plan to
install poured-in-place playing surfaces as the Village incrementally replaces playgrounds. 

Connection Fee Analysis and Recommendation: Review and update the Village’s connection fees for water and sewer connections. There are a variety of variables factored into the determination of these fees that will be reviewed. Also, methodology from other municipalities as well as the capstone project completed earlier in 2021 by students from Northern Illinois University will be evaluated for possible incorporation into Lincolnshire’s fee structure. 

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Brad Woodbury

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