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Brad Woodbury

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The first 10-15 feet of land from the back of the curb toward your house is considered Village owned Right-of-Way (ROW). If you live on a corner, then the ROW exists on two sides of your lot. ROW is designed to hold the roadway and the utilities necessary for the quality of life enjoyed by each Lincolnshire resident.

According to Title 8-3-12 of the Village Code, residents must cut grass and trim vegetation within the ROW adjacent to their property. No one shall place any obstructions in the ROW, with the exception of electric dog fences and underground sprinkler systems. Before installing an underground sprinkler system, residents are required to obtain a permit from the Community & Economic Development Department. The property owner assumes all responsibility for damages to the permitted obstruction and acknowledging they are responsible for this private facility.

The Village will not be required to maintain or replace electronic dog fences that may be damaged by any work done. No portion of the electronic dog fence shall be installed in a Conservancy area. Mailboxes and driveways typically are not considered to be obstructions and are permitted to be placed within the ROW.

Boulders, landscape gardens, fences and other fixtures within the public ROW are considered obstructions. The Village may require those items to be removed if they present a hazard or an issue to the public’s use and enjoyment of the ROW. If obstructions are damaged, the Village will not participate in any repair or replacement.

Type of DrivewayReplacement
Existing Pavement Replacement Pavement
Plain Hot Asphalt Surface Replace in Kind
Imprinted Hot Asphalt Surface Replace with Plain Hot Asphalt
Plain Concrete Pavement Replace in Kind
Imprinted or Decorative Concrete Replace with Plain Concrete
Cobblestones Replace in Kind
Aggregate or Stone Replace with Plain Hot Asphalt


Should you have questions regarding this Village topic, please contact Emily Land, the Public Works Administrative Assistant at 847.913.2380.

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