Elected Officials and the Village Manager

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2021 Full Board

Back Row: Trustee Grujanac, Trustee Pantelis, Trustee Mitchell,
Trustee Harms Muth, Village Clerk Manstandrea

Front Row: Trustee Raizin, Mayor Brandt, Trustee Wright



Village Clerk

Village Treasurer

Village Manager

Appointed Officials

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Architectural Review Board

  • Cherise Kennerley, Chairman 
  • Kirshna Killedar
  • Mike McCall
  • Paul Orzeske 
  • Brian Santosuosso
  • Open
  • Dan Hefner, Alternate
  • Jill Raizin (Village Trustee Liaison) 

Park Board

  • Ken Borgerding, Chairman 
  • Felice Dublon
  • Lee Fell
  • Barry Gurewitz
  • Julia Hamilton
  • Suzi Siegel 
  • Kai Zhou 
  • Manoella Alves (Alternate)
  • Mara Grujanac (Village Trustee Liaison) 

Police Pension Board

  • Steve Lee, President 
  • Mickey Herst 
  • Roy Bethel
  • Adam Hyde
  • Patrick Quillinan, Beneficiary Member 
  • Robert Mitchell (Village Trustee Liaison)

Zoning Board

  • Brian Bichkoff, Chairman
  • Denis Curtin  
  • Bryan Hersh 
  • Scott Josephson 
  • Gary Kalina 
  • Bert Cohen
  • Vacant (Alternate)
  • Julie Harms Muth (Village Trustee Liaison)