The mission of the Lincolnshire municipal corporation is to provide excellent service and program delivery in the most cost effective and efficient manner to all citizens of the community, to protect the pastoral environment and character of the residential areas of the Village, to provide an environment for a successful corporate/commercial segment and to at all times reflect the highest organizational ethics in the pursuit of accessible and forthright government.

Code of Organizational Values

(Approved by the Mayor and Board of Trustees by Ordinance - September, 1985)

  1. Open and Accessible Government
    The most fundamental of our values must be open and honest government. It is our first responsibility. Our competence is encouraged by subjecting our actions to the public arena and our ideas become better when we expose them to public scrutiny. It is crucial that we maintain an organizational reputation for honesty and integrity. In order to further our service goals, we must remain accessible to the public to whom we provide service.

  2. Fiscal Responsibility
    Proper use of public funds is a trust which must be continually guarded. These funds must be managed in the most efficient manner at all times and all rules and regulations pursuant to their use must be adhered to.

  3. Personal Honesty and Integrity
    Each employee has a responsibility to the organization and his or her colleagues to demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty and fortitude in our public activities. It is in this way that we can inspire public confidence and trust in our government. With this in mind, we must and will:

    1. Comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and resolutions in carrying out our duties.
    2. Eliminate any and all circumstances which could result in personal gain from the performance of our official duties.
    3. Not accept gifts of value.
    4. Avoid all interests or activities which are in conflict with the conduct of our official duties, including political activity within the Village of Lincolnshire.

  4. Professionalism
    We must strive for personal excellence and exhibit at all times a professional attitude based upon sound judgment free of personal biases. The spirit of professionalism demands a cooperative approach to problem solving within the organization and a commitment by each of us to demand as much from ourselves as we do from the organization as a whole.

  5. A Humane Organization
    The environment in which we work is crucial to the success of our endeavors. We must realize the importance of personal qualities that contribute to this environment including open communication, creative energy, dedication, respect for others, compassion and a sense of humor. In this way we can ensure that our work is a source of enjoyment and personal satisfaction.

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