Board Members and
Term Expiration
Brian Bichkoff, Chair 2026
Denis Curtin 2024
Bryan Hersh 2026
Scott Josephson 2025
Gary Kalina 2025
Bert Cohen 2025
Glenn Hansen 2024
Joe Kelly (Village Trustee Liaison)  
Scheduled Meetings

Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

All zoning requests are evaluated on their conformance with the official Comprehensive Plan and the Village Code. Other duties include a review of development site plans, consideration of text amendments to the Zoning Title, and to conduct Public Hearings related to zoning matters and requests. The Zoning Board is an advisory body, with all final determinations made by the Village Board upon receipt of the recommendation and findings of the Zoning Board.

The Zoning Board consists of a Chairman and members, all appointed by the Mayor with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees. The five regular members serve five-year terms, along with an Alternate, who serves a one year term.

Help Wanted

We are looking for residents to volunteer their time to serve on the Zoning Board in the Village.

There is an Alternate vacancy on the Zoning Board. The mission of the Zoning Board is to advise the Village Board on matters referred to it by the Village Board of Trustees with the purpose of preserving, protecting, and maintaining the public health, safety, welfare, and comfort by promoting and maintaining the high character of the development of the Village and encouraging the most appropriate use of land within the Village, by protecting and preserving real estate within the Village from impairment or destruction of value, appearance, and use and by seeking to promote enhanced real estate values overall in the Village.

If you are willing to donate a little of your time to the Village, contact Leslie Cole at 847-913-2336, and she will send you a Mayor's Talent Bank Form along with a list of the duties and responsibilities of the Zoning Board. Give a little back to your community!

Board Member Application

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