Why should you apply for the Lincolnshire Police Department? 

  • Starting salary of $80,478 with a top salary of $120,005 after eight steps; officers are represented by the Fraternal Order of Police.

  • Lateral police officer transfers may begin at a higher salary rate, up to $94,405, or step three of the pay scale

  • 12-hour patrol shifts with every other weekend off

  • 104 hours of personal and holiday time off per year

  • 80 hours of vacation time after the first year; vacation time allotment increases with increased years of service 

  • 96 hours of annual sick leave with an accrual bank of up to 1,500 hours

  • Sick leave buyback program

  • Uniforms/equipment provided plus an annual $500 uniform allowance 

  • Officer wellness incentive program with pay and time off incentives

  • Membership in the Lincolnshire Police pension fund 

  • Medical/Dental/Life insurance

  • Post-employment health care plan

  • Deferred compensation plan

  • Outstanding training and career development opportunities

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The Village of Lincolnshire is an equal opportunity employer.

Employment Applications

Employment Contact/Send to Leslie Cole

Phone: 847-913-2336
Fax: 847-883-8608 

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