2019 Crosstown Watermain Project – Queens Way to Riverwoods Road

5/13/19 Project Update - The Village of Lincolnshire is continuing the next phase of the Crosstown Watermain Improvements in an effort to further improve water reliability and pressure. The project is Phase 2, and construction is scheduled to begin June 6, 2019 and be complete near the end of July or early August. The project will include the installation of approximately 3,700 feet of 12” watermain under the roadway from the intersection of Riverwoods Rd and Buckingham Place easterly to the intersection of Canterbury Rd and Queens Way. The contract was awarded to Lenny Hoffman Excavating, and construction observation / inspection will be done by BLA, Inc. Project brochures with a full description of the scope of work, and invitations to a Project Information Meeting were hand delivered to area residents on May 7th and 9th. The informational meeting regarding the project is being held on May 20th, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Village Hall. There will be a short presentation summarizing the project and there will be an opportunity for residents to ask questions they may have to the Village and resident engineer.

Project Summary - The 2019 Crosstown Watermain Project – Queensway to Riverwoods Road involves construction of a dedicated watermain to enhance the Village’s ability to deliver a high quality water supply to neighborhoods west of Riverwoods Road and north of Half Day Road. This is phase 2 of the Village’s Crosstown Watermain project. The project is designed to minimize traffic impacts around Sprague School during the regular school year. Project will begin after the school year in June and should be largely completed by the time school begins in August. The project will involve the installation of a new watermain under the roadway pavement from Queens Way along Canterbury Road, Regent Lane, Kings Cross Dr. and Buckingham Place.

A resident Information Meeting will be held on Monday, May 20, 2019, 7 PM at Village Hall to provide additional information to impacted residents in advance of the project. Click here for a project information brochure.

Lincolnshire Creek Drainage Improvement Project

4/1/19 Project UpdateTree removal and dewatering operations were completed last week. This week, excavation of the main channel has started so that the stone toe stabilization can be added to the creek bottom. This will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, dependent on weather.

Project Summary – During prolonged rain events, the Village experiences flooding and severe erosion along Lincolnshire Creek where it discharges into a short section of 42” pipe, which outlets into an open channel before draining into another 42” pipe. Due to the number of 90 degree bends and vegetation throughout the area, it is very difficult to maintain an open flow through this area. Public Works staff has installed multiple temporary fixes over the years to address the collection of debris and erosion. The project will include the construction of improvements to allow the existing channel to maintain its flow during peak events while reducing excess debris which leads to erosion issues at the culvert ends. The majority of the drainage channel that carries water from Riverwoods Road to the Village’s storm sewer is on private property. The erosion of soil and vegetation from this private property area is a significant cause of system overflow issues and source of maintenance issues for public works staff during intense and prolonged rain events. CLICK HERE for a map showing the improvements.

2019 04 01 Lshire Creek1                    2019 04 01 Lshire Creek2










St. Mary’s Road/Everett Road Resurfacing

The Lake County Division of Transportation will begin work on resurfacing St. Mary’s Road between Town Line Road and Everett Road and Everett Road from St. Mary’s Road to just east of I-94. This project involves roadway resurfacing, drainage work, shoulder widening, and the completion of a bike path connection thru Daniel Wright Woods. Work on this project is expected to begin the week of April 8th and will last through October. Additional information is available on the Lake County Division of Transportation website.