Pocket Park Construction 

10/15 Project Update – The area where the pocket park will be built has been prepped and initial pours of concrete have taken place. This week the contractor is finishing all electrical connections and will pour the remaining two portions of concrete.

Project Summary - A small passive park will be constructed behind the new Culver’s along the path that leads to the pedestrian bridge over Indian Creek that leads to South Village Green. This new park will have landscape features, sitting areas, and pathways that lead down to Indian Creek. Construction is anticipated to be completed this fall.

Pocket Park


Indian Creek Streambank Stabilization Project2018 09 19 Indian Creek Stabilization1

10/15 Project Update – The Contractor has installed large boulders to stabilize approximately 200 feet of streambank near the office building located at 175 Olde Half Day Road. Last week the contractor installed new guardrail along the southern portion of the parking lot. The last remaining portion of the work is scheduled to take place later this week weather permitting when the contractor completes asphalt patch work near the newly installed guardrails.

Project Summary – An increase of significant rainfall events have led to severe erosion on approximately 200 feet of stream bank of Indian Creek behind the office building located at 175 Olde Half Day Road. The project is to stabilize the bank with large rock and prevent the parking lot from the office building from eroding any further.


Riverwoods Road Improvements at Accession of our Lord Greek Church

10/15 Project Update – The right-turn lane and bike path relocation on Riverwoods Road in front of the church has been delayed due to ongoing access permitting issues with the Lake County Division of Transportation. These issues should be resolved by the end of the week, with construction resuming for the restoration of the bike path and complete construction on the right-turn lanes.

Project Summary – The Accession of our Lord Greek Church located at 1370 Riverwoods Road is currently building an addition. As part of their improvements the Church is working with Lake County Division of Transportation to relocate the bike path and right turn lane into the church’s parking lot. For more information regarding the Accession of our Lord Greek Church improvements please visit the Village’s Developments under Review Page.


Riverwoods Road Left Turn Lanes

BikePath Closure Map 8x1110/15 Project Update – As required by the Lake County Division of Transportation, turn lanes are being added to Riverwoods Road between Surrey Lane and Brampton Road. The Riverwoods Road bike path is still closed from Surrey to Brampton lane. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, construction on the expanded turn lanes and bike path resurfacing has been pushed back. Last week, the contractor poured concrete curbs along Riverwoods Road. This week the contractors will continue prepping the road surface and hope to lay asphalt by the end of the week or early next week, weather permitting. The Village appreciates your continued patience through the duration of the construction.


Project Summary – On August 28, 2017, Arthur J. Greene Construction obtained final Village Board approvals for a 15-lot single-family residential development known as Manors of Whytegate. The subdivision is located on a 14.5-acre "Mons" property at 1700 Riverwoods Road. For more information visit Developments Under Review on the Village’s Website.


 Riverside Road Construction Update

10/15 Project Update - The Contractor working on the Lincolnshire Trails Subdivision has been set back due to unfavorable weather. The contractors continue prepping the road base and hope to start pouring curb and gutters later this week, weather permitting.

 Project Summary – As part of the Lincolnshire Trails subdivision, the contractors are working on improvements to Riverside Road. The improvements include a complete resurfacing of Riverside Road including curb, and gutter installations. 


Sanitary Sewer Televising and Lining

10/15 Update – This week, Hoerr Construction inc, will begin televising and pre-cleaning portions of the Village’s sanitary sewer as part of the Sanitary Sewer Lining program. Impacted residents will be notified ahead of the start of lining operations.
Project Summary – Sanitary sewer lining is necessary in order to maintain the Village’s system. Lining the sanitary sewers prevents breaks and contamination in sewer lines.

Project Summary – Sanitary sewer lining is necessary in order to maintain the Village’s system. Lining the sanitary sewers prevents breaks and contamination in sewer lines.  


Lincolnshire Creek Drainage Improvement Project

10/15 Project Update – The Village awarded the Lincolnshire Creek Drainage Improvement Project to Campenella & Sons Construction Co of Wadsworth, IL. Last week the Village held a pre-construction meeting to discuss a construction schedule. Impacted residents will be notified when construction begins.

Project Summary – During prolonged rain events, the Village experiences flooding and severe erosion along Lincolnshire Creek where it discharges into a short section of 42” pipe which outlets into an open channel before draining into another 42” pipe. Due to the number of 90 degree bends and vegetation throughout the area, it is very difficult to maintain an open flow through this area. Public Works staff has installed multiple temporary fixes over the years to address the collection of debris and erosion. The project will include the construction of improvements to allow the existing channel to maintain its flow during peak events while reducing excess debris which leads to erosion issues at the culvert ends. The majority of the drainage channel that carries water from Riverwoods Road to the Village’s storm sewer is on private property. The erosion of soil and vegetation from this private property area is a significant cause of system overflow issues and source of maintenance issues for public works staff during intense and prolonged rain events.