There are three main flood hazard areas in Lincolnshire: The Des Plaines River, Indian Creek, and the West Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River. Flooding in these locations.

While the Village cannot prevent flooding, we do take several steps to reduce its impact. Before a project is constructed, Village Staff works with the developer to ensure that the proposed project minimizes the impact to adjacent properties. A new project must meet the stringent guidelines established in the Village Code, Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance, and other regulations established at the state and federal levels.

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The Village participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the Community Rating System, which is a program to ensure that the Village maintains minimum national standards with regard to floodplain regulations.

Real-time flood stage information is now available for the Des Plaines River on the National Weather Service website. For more information on the river gauge and what the data means in Lincolnshire, view the Real-time Flood Stage Information page.

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Real time Flood Map

Inundation Maps are Now Available for the Des Plaines River

The Village partnered with the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, the United States Geological Survey, and the National Weather Service to provide an interactive map that lets you see the extent of flooding based upon forecasted river stages. You can visit this website at

Des Plaines River Bank Stabilization & Riverwoods Drainage Evaluation - Lincolnshire

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