In the event of a flood the Village will take the following action:

  • Emergency Flood Response Plan will be implemented

  • You will be notified of the pre-flood state of alert

    • Information will be posted on the Village website, Facebook, and X

    • If you are in a hazard area you will be notified by phone or in person (You should plan ahead by preparing your own preliminary damage protection plan for protection of your home and its occupants.)

  • The Village will begin to place sandbags as necessary to protect public infrastructure.

You, the property owner, are responsible for protective measures for your individual home and property, including sandbagging, pumping, turning electricity off, etc. Action taken by Village staff, such as sandbagging, is intended to protect public property and benefit the entire area. It may appear that the Village is sandbagging individual homes, but please be assured that sandbagging efforts are part of a strategic plan designed to provide protection to the entire neighborhood.

If you have not checked the location of your home and its relationship to the flood hazard area on the Floodplain Map please take the time to do so. If your property is shown to be in or close to a flood hazard area you should contact the Public Works Department at 847.913.2360 for a copy of the new flood maps. These maps are produced in sections, are larger in size, have clearer delineation, and are up to date.

If requested, the Public Works Department and/or Village Engineer will visit a property to review its flood problem and explain possible ways to stop flooding or prevent flood damage. If you are in the floodplain or have experienced a flood, drainage or sewer backup problem, or other flood related difficulty call the Village at 847.883.8600. These services are free.

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