Blackboard ConnectBlackboard Connect emergency notification system is the portal where you can add multiple email addresses, telephone numbers, and even sign up to receive text messages when you enter your information.

Background: Getting the word out to the residents and businesses about emergencies is of utmost importance to the Village.  A few years ago the Village entered into a contract agreement with Blackboard Connect Community Notification System. This emergency notification system is able to place thousands of telephone calls within a matter of minutes. The confidential database of telephone numbers is maintained by the Blackboard Connect and updated monthly. Residents are not required to purchase equipment to participate in this system but are encouraged to provide any additional contact information (cell phones, email addresses, etc.) to assist in making sure we reach you during an emergency.

Important:  If you have an unlisted or unpublished telephone number, there is a good chance your information is not in the database.  The Village wants your information a part of this emergency notification system.  Please be assured your information will not be released to anyone, and the Village will only use the system for emergencies.

The Village encourages everyone takes advantage of this program.  It is an excellent way to be directly in touch with the Village in the event of an emergency.  If you receive a notification message, please do not call the Police Department.  Telephone lines need to remain open to provide emergency response during an event.  For more information during an emergency,  go to the Village’s website for further information or follow the instructions in the message on how to replay the message.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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