All requests to inspect, copy, or certify public records must be in writing, directed to the Village of Lincolnshire, and submitted via personal delivery, mail, fax, or email. The Village prefers that a Requestor use the Request Form submitted to the attention of FOIA Officer, but the Village will honor all requests lawfully submitted to the Village even if it is not submitted on the preferred form. Any written request submitted to the Village for a public record shall be deemed to be a FOIA request and treated accordingly.

All requests for inspection and copying received by the Village shall immediately be forwarded to its FOIA Officer or designee. Upon receiving a request for a public record, the FOIA Officer will note the Request with the date and time of receipt by the Village and note the date on which the Response is due on the Request. The FOIA Officer will maintain an electronic or paper copy of the Request, including all documents submitted with the Request, until the Request has been complied with or denied. The FOIA Officer maintains a file for the retention of the original request, a copy of the response, a record of written communications with the requester and a copy of other communications related to the Request.

Requests relating to the Freedom of Information Act should be addressed to:

FOIA Officer
Village of Lincolnshire
One Old Half Day Road
Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Telephone: 847.913.2336
Fax: 847.883.8608

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