Lincolnshire E-News

The annual leaf collection program begins on October 26. With the nice weather coming, now is the time to start preparing for collection. The program is open to all Lincolnshire residents, except those in private subdivisions. Leaves must be placed in the parkway by Monday morning of your specified pickup week to guarantee the same-week collection. Below is the leaf collection schedule. 

Please do not mix brush, garden waste, tree limbs, vines, lumber, or other yard waste with the leaves. These materials can cause equipment failure and/or injury.

Please do not put leaves in the street. Leaves in the street can cause hazardous driving conditions, clog storm sewers causing localized flooding, and is a violation of Section 8-3-8 of the Village Code. Notify your landscaper, if applicable, of the Village’s leaf pickup schedule. Leaves placed in the parkway after 7 a.m. on pickup date will not be picked up, and if left in the parkway, may result in a fine. Residents are responsible for the disposal of any leaves after their last pickup date by either working with a private landscape contractor or waiting until normal yard waste pickup begins on April 1, 2021.