Please be aware of the rules for use of the Village tennis courts. One which is particularly important - Teaching of tennis lessons on Village courts is only allowed if you are a resident teaching another family member.

Rack-up rules are posted at each of the Village tennis courts. Because the rules are slightly different, depending upon whether there is a single court or there are multiple courts, please be sure to read the rules carefully. Following is an example of one set of rack-up rules:

  1. Only Lincolnshire Residents or their guests may rack up.

  2. You must rack up in person. You may not rack up for anyone else.

  3. You may only rack up during the one hour period prior to the desired time.

  4. You must be present while your racket is holding court.

  5. You may not rack up on a second court while you are playing.

  6. You must have a two person minimum to hold a court.

  7. Even number courts must be vacated every hour on the hour. Odd number courts must be vacated every hour on the half hour.

  8. Absolutely no bicycles, skateboards, or vehicular traffic is allowed on the courts. Any violation will be considered an act of vandalism and subject to penalties under the law.

  9. Practice sessions shall not interfere with adjoining courts.

  10. The teaching of tennis lessons is prohibited with the exception of a Lincolnshire resident teaching a family member. (Proof of identification may be required.)

  11. No individual, organization, or entity of any kind shall use the Village's parks and/or park facilities in the course of any for-profit activity.

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