Parks and Paths

Memorials and plaques are an excellent way to recognize a loved one, a favorite coach, or a special event making a donation to a Village park.

Donation Form

There are 11 parks in the Village of Lincolnshire. Each park has its own unique personality. If you are interested in donating to a Village Park, we recommend that you visit the parks to determine which park suits your needs.

Items which might be considered for donation
Park Bench Costs vary depending upon the type of bench selected. Bench fees run from $600 to $1800 per bench.
Trees Most trees costs are $500 to $700 per tree. However, if you want a larger tree or one that is unusual the costs may be higher.

Bricks may be purchased at North Park.

Small bricks 4” by 8” $100 (3 lines of text, 12 letters per line)
Large bricks 12” by 12” $200 (5 lines of text, 16 letters per line)

There are many other amenities which might be considered and which differ based on the park and what the park’s current needs are. Contact Brad Woodbury to discuss donation opportunities. Donations made to the Village of Lincolnshire parks are tax-deductible as far as allowed by law.