If you are a Lincolnshire resident, age sixty-five years or over, and the owner of and residing in a residence upon which you are obligated to pay real estate property taxes, you may be eligible for Senior Citizen Property Tax Relief (as detailed in Title 1, Chapter 9 of the Village Code).

The refund is an amount equal to the portion of the real estate property tax which was levied by and on behalf of the Village; for 2018 that is 0.241% of the Taxable Valuation of the home.

To qualify, your property tax bill must be paid in full (both installments), and your total adjusted gross income (which is the total dollars you receive from any source – dividends, pension, Social Security, etc.) CANNOT exceed the amount designated by the IRS as the maximum allowable Social Security benefit a household may receive; which for 2018 was $50,184 for married and $33,456 for single.

Tax Relief applications must be submitted annually. The application deadline this year is December 31 2019. The following must accompany your application:

• Proof of age (Driver’s License, Green Card, Etc.).
• A copy of pages 1 & 2 of your completed personal Federal Income Tax Return for 2018 (redact the social security numbers). If married and file separately, both returns must accompany the application.

Village staff will obtain a copy of your Lake County Tax bill from the Assessor’s website to determine the amount of refund due and to verify the tax bill has been paid in full.

Note: Only one member of a household may file an application and receive the tax relief. While both members of a household are entitled to the relief, they must agree as to which of them will file an application. If the household is held in trust, it is no longer eligible for the tax relief grant. 

For more information contact Julia Gabbard, Senior Accountant, at 847-913-2304