The following are a few tips to consider when caring for your trees:

Watering:  It is advised to water tree root zones once a week in the absence of rain. As a tree grows and matures, its extensive root system allows it to tolerate long periods without rain, but young and newly planted trees have relatively few roots, so they should be watered two to three times a week.

Pruning: It is advised to have a trained Arborist prune your trees every four to five years. A well trained Arborist will trim out problematic branches and shape the tree’s crown, leaving it strong and reinvigorated. At the very least have somebody trim off the ‘dead ends.’

Mulching: A nice ring of shredded mulch around the base of your trees will hold moisture, regulate root zone temperatures, and protect the sensitive tree trunk from lawn mowers and other lawn equipment. Spread mulch loosely, 2- 4 inches is ideal, and make the mulch ring as big as you want. Be sure to keep the mulch away from the base of the tree. Volcano mulching is when mulch gets piled up like a mountain around the trunk of a tree. When mulch is touching the tree trunk, it holds moisture there and doesn’t let the tree bark dry (this allows decay and let’s insects eat away at the tree’s base). 

Diseased Trees: It is advised to pay attention to signs that your tree may not be feeling well. Discolored leaves, crown dieback, and loose bark are a few things to look for. Most tree disorders are caused by insects, bacteria, or fungi, and many of these problems can be cured. If you think your tree may be sick, please contact a certified Arborist.

If you would like to contact a certified Arborist or have any other questions about your trees, please visit the Illinois Arborist Association website at

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