The Village will award tree credits to property owners who proactively plant trees on their property. This tree credit may be used to offset future tree replacements when trees are removed on the same property. Trees planted for credit will only be credited for future replacements and only those trees appropriately recorded by the Village may be used for credit. Once a credit it used, it may not be used again. Tree credits will only be given for trees that are planted at will at the expense of the property owner – not for trees that are planted as replacements due to tree preservation requirements, tree adoptions, or any other requirements.
In order to qualify for a tree credit, the following criteria must be met.

  1. Trees selected from Appendix A tree list shall have a replacement value three times that of non-Appendix A trees. Non-Appendix A tree species have a replacement value of 33% of Appendix A tree species. For example, One 9” Appendix A tree has the replacement value of three, 9” non-Appendix A trees or one 27” non-Appendix A tree.

  2. Trees to be planted on the property must be a minimum of 2.5” in DBH or if clump or evergreen variety shall be a minimum planting height of 8 feet at the time of planting.

  3. Tree species must be selected for appropriate locations to support their growth and development.

  4. Tree planted for credit shall be verified by the Village. Tree locations shall be marked on a property survey and listed on a Tree Credit Record which will be kept with the property file at the Village of Lincolnshire. If the property owner wishes to have a copy of the survey and Record they must request them. In addition, a numbered, blue metal Tree Credit Tag will be placed on the tree at the time of recording.

  5. Credit will only be given for tree planting if:

    1. The tree is tagged and verified on the property within the year it was planted.

    2. The tree is a minimum required size at the time of verification.

    3. The tree species is appropriate for the location.

    4. The tree is of good form and health at the time of replacement credit.

    5. The Tree Credit Tag is still located on the tree.

  6. Village staff shall tag the credit tree and record the date, tree planting location, and tree number on the property survey. A property tree credit record shall be maintained in the property file for future reference.

  7. When a tree replacement is required, the property owner shall request that the Village verify credit plantings from the property file and on the property.

  8. Trees, planted for credit, must be in good form and health at the time of replacement credit. Trees in poor condition or form will not be credited.

  9. The Village shall field verify for growth and size. The DBH at the time of replacement shall be the credit applied.

  10. A tree credit will only be given once for each individual tree planted regardless of its size. For example, Two Appendix A credit trees are planted at 3” DBH. Within a year’s time, the trees are 5” in DBH each. That same year the property owner wishes to remove another Appendix A tree that is 8” in DBH. The two credit trees are valued at 10” and the tree to be removed is valued at 8”. The two credit trees will be used as a replacement for the 8” removal. No further credit will be given for the two credit trees.

  11. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to remove and re-secure any Tree Credit Tag that becomes tight on a tree. After the age of 6 years, the Tree Credit Tag may be secured with a treenail. Care shall be taken not to embed the nail head in the tree. Enough room should be left between the nail head and the tree to allow the tree to grow without absorbing the nail or the Tree Credit Tag.

For more information on the Tree Credit, or to get a Tree Credit, please contact Forestry/Fleet Foreman, Tim Baynon at 847-913-2382.

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