The Village of Lincolnshire possesses one of the most comprehensive Tree Preservation Code in America. Perhaps the most important Section of this code is the segment explaining a resident's rights and responsibilities with regard to tree removal. This article will answer some of the more commonly asked questions about Lincolnshire's tree removal policies.

Q: How do I apply for a Tree Removal Permit?
A: See Tree Removal Permitting Process

Q: When is a Tree Removal Permit required?
A: A Tree Removal Permit must be obtained when a tree of 6-inch dbh (the diameter of a tree measured 4.5 feet above the ground) or more, or a grouping of trees with a combined dbh of six inches or more, is to be removed from any property located within the Village limits.

Q: What circumstances warrant the removal of a tree?
A: If no development is contemplated, a tree may be removed only when:

  1. Removal is necessary to observe good forestry practice such as the removal of invasive woody plants to restore a degrading woodland,

  2. A tree, due to natural circumstances is dead or irreversibly declining, is in danger of falling, or is otherwise determined to be a hazard, or

  3. Removal is to create a single, regularly shaped, rear yard lawn that may not exceed 10 percent of the entire rear yard area.

It may also be necessary to remove a tree when it falls within the footprint of a proposed addition or amenity. Tree removals associated with a Building Permit require a Tree Removal Permit as well as the planting of replacement trees.

Q: Do I need to replace a dead or irreversibly declining tree?
A: When a tree of 6-inch dbh or greater is dead, hazardous, or irreversibly declining due to natural circumstances, there are no replacements required. However, the Village Forester must be notified prior to removing the tree to verify its condition and authorize the removal.

Q: How does one determine the number of replacements that will be required?
A: Any tree of 6-inch dbh or more, or a grouping of trees with a combined dbh of 6 inches or more may require tree replacement. Trees removed from Single Family Residential (SFR) home sites shall be replaced on an inch-per-inch DBH basis, as adjusted for Equivalent Value.

Trees removed from non-SFR sites (multi-family, commercial, subdivisions, etc.) shall be replaced on a tree-per-tree basis, as adjusted for Equivalent Value.

Please refer to the Village’s Tree Preservation Ordinance for further information regarding tree replacement or contact the Village at 847-883-8600.

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