The Village of Lincolnshire and Lake County are experiencing a rise in ruse burglaries. A ruse burglary occurs when a con artist poses as a solicitor, contractor, or Village employee to distract you while another con artist sneaks in your home and steals your valuables.

We teach “Stanger Danger!” to kids, but it also applies to adults. The best way to protect yourself and your valuables is to do the following when a stranger is on your property:

  • Speak to the stranger through a locked window or door.

  • Always ask to see an identification card if they claim they’re soliciting for a company, working on your neighbor’s property, or are from the Village/utility company. Call the listed agency to verify their identity.

  • Never invite the stranger into your home, or leave your home with the stranger. If you do leave your home, lock your doors and windows behind you.

  • Never leave your garage or doors open and unlocked if you aren’t actively working near them.

Here’s how you can spot a Village employee or authorized solicitor:

  • Police and Public Works personnel will always be in Village-branded uniforms and vehicles.

  • Authorized solicitors will always have a Village-issued green vest and a Village-issued identification card.

  • All Village employees carry their Village-issued identification card and will present it upon request.

solicitor collage

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