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At the July 13 Village Board Meeting, Mayor Brandt proclaimed the week of June 20 as National Pollinator Week in the Village of Lincolnshire. As signatories to the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, the Village is committed to promoting awareness for pollinator species, such as monarch butterflies, other insects, some birds, and bats.

Did you know these hard-working animals are responsible for pollinating over 75% of our flowering plants and nearly 75% of our crops? They not only help keep our backyard gardens beautiful, but they are also essential partners of farmers and ranchers in producing much of our food supply!

Unfortunately, there is increasing evidence that many pollinator populations are declining. This is where you come in. Follow these simple steps around your home and neighborhood to encourage pollinator diversity. 

Get Interactive!

Take advantage of our beautiful parks and paths this week and snap some photos of pollinators hard at work. Share your photos on social media, tag the Village, and add #NatureNearby. While taking photos, fill out a Pollinator Scavenger Hunt and see who can fill up their board first. Are you having trouble finding pollinators? Put your antennae together and design your own pollinator!

For more resources on the importance of pollinators and what you can do, visit: